New Cowes Harbour restrictions

The following guidance has been received from Cowes Harbour

A breakwater Exclusion Zone marked by IALA buoyage will be established off Cowes during the construction period from May 2014 and will vary in size and shape from time to time.  Boats, whether racing or preparing to race or have finished racing and in whatever direction they are sailing, shall always remain outside of the  breakwater Exclusion Zone, passing to the north of the red No 2 fairway buoy and the North Cardinal Marks.The diagram below shows the maximum extent of the Exclusion Zone.”



Americas Cup demolition derby

Have you seen the amazing video of the Louis Vuitton trophy? The easiest way to keep up with sailing news is to visit our Solent Now page. At the bottom of he page, you will find news relays from YBW and the RYA Cruising Division. Between them, they pick up most of the key stories of the boating world.

There have been quite a few Solent connectiions with this Americas Cup series. Currently, Sir Ben Ainslie is helming the stalking horse for the defender, Oracle. Indeed that race is probably the most fascinating part towards the end of  the video of race 1 (see the link above).

Solent sailors voyaging far

Many of you will have seen this lovely old gaffer, Dolphin of Leith, in the Solent..

Dolphin of Leith, sailing of Portsmouth

Keith Allso kindly gave us permission to use this image.

Well, Dolphin of Leith is now in the Galapagos. She is a tiny ship in which to make such an epic voyage, especially with a family of four on board. The achievment is amazing.

Now, if you wish, you can follow their progress. They are now connected to Spidertracks which shows their current position. Click here to try it.

Their ultimate destination is New Zealand. Now you can share their adventure.