Solent Forum Monthly News

New for 2023, we’re passing on the very informative content of the Solent Forum monthly newsletter. The list below shows a link to the latest issue at the top, with previous issues available at the links below.

Solent Forum e-mail Newsletter – February 2023
Solent Forum e-mail Newsletter – January 2023
Solent Forum e-mail Newsletter – December 2022

The Solent Forum was established in December 1992, in order to develop a greater understanding among the authorities and agencies involved in planning and management in the Solent area, and to assist and influence them in carrying out their functions. The Forum has been set up to consider and provide advice on strategic issues – that is, issues which have implications for a wide area. The Forum does not have any executive powers and its members have no voting rights. As far as possible the Forum is to operate on an ‘equal partners’ basis.

Solent Protection Society was one of the founding members of the Solent Forum, providing the forum with its first Chairman in Maldwyn Drummond who had previously held the chair of SPS.

Since the Solent Forum membership comprises businesses, authorities, academic establishments and, of course, Solent Protection Society, we are pleased to be able to pass this news on to the private individuals in our membership who would not otherwise get to see this material.