Solent area – Marine Licence Applications

Each month, we review the Marine Licence Applications for entries of particular relevance to the Solent and produce a brief report for this website. Each report displays a list of applications published by the Marine Management Organisation since the last SPS summary update issued and shows project background details for those applications open for public consultation.

If a particular application in one of these reports is of interest, take a note of the application number and enter it into the MMO Public Register to view the detail on the register.  (For guidance on how to access and search the MMO Public Register, please follow this link. Unfortunately, the MMO do not yet provide active links to which we can refer.)

DateReport link
1 April 2023SPS MLA 70
1 March 2023SPS MLA 69
4 February 2023SPS MLA 68
4 January 2023SPS MLA 67
2 December 2022SPS MLA 66
28 October 2022SPS MLA 65
1 October 2022SPS MLA 64
4 September 2022SPS MLA 63
30 June 2022SPS MLA 62
4 June 2022SPS MLA 61
30 April 2022SPS MLA 60
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Note. Applications for burial of human remains at sea are excluded from these reports.