Solent News

Under the general heading of Solent News, there are four sub-headings which can be accessed directly:

Note – The menus will appear display differently on a mobile device.

The first sub-menu ‘Solent Live – Shipping and Weather’ offers links to live shipping information around the Solent together with the planned and expected arrivals and departures from the two main commercial ports of Portsmouth and Southampton. The same pages offers links to several local real-time sources of meteorological and sea state information along with links to the UK Hydrographic Office tide data for the next seven days.

The second option takes you to a summary of Solent area Marine Licence applications. Every month, Solent Protection Society trawls through the Marine Licence applications on the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) database and brings you a monthly digest of the key one affecting our area.

The third options displays a list of recent Solent Forum email newsletters.

The final option, ‘Around the Solent’, enables you to see a summary display of recent posts on the website, based on the region selected.