Eling Creek – Temporary exclusion zone

On 14th October 2021 Southampton Harbour Master issued a temporary Notice to Mariners expected to last six months banning any vessels from manoeuvring within 5 metres of Eling wharf. This was caused by the state of disrepair of the wooden part of the quay.

The state of the quay has been of concern for at least 15 years. The then harbour master tried to get the then owners to repair the wooden section of the quay without success. Over the years further deterioration has occurred and a number of planks are now missing. The problem is compounded by the fact that the land contained by the wall is contaminated by materials used treating timber that is for external use. It is suspected by residents and supported by local councillors, that one of the substances used was arsenic.

Users of Eling Creek are concerned that unless there is an urgent repair some of the contaminated land could fall into the creek including nearby containers and stop any vessel that wants to use Eling Creek.

Solent Protection Society is concerned that any further deterioration of the wharf will cause serious pollution and will affect wildlife and the use of the nearby leisure area.

Eling Wharf is now the property of Associated British Ports and is used for the storage of containers. Recreational users and residents of Eling are of the strong opinion that urgent repairs are necessary and the wall strengthened and the pollutants in the nearby land contained.