Lymington Harbour Position Report

A guest blog by Geoff Holmes, Lymington Harbour Commissioner.

Lymington is a fascinating harbour. The new ferries have caused constant controversy; while the active yacht clubs have produced many famous yachtsman. It is therefore a major factor in Solent life. But the harbour itself is under threat. The Saltmarsh that acts as breakwater and flood defence is retreating at an alarming rate. So the harbour commission, with limited resources, has had to decide what it can do to protect this important Solent resource. In doing so, it has had to navigate numerous environmental designations, and recent changes to Trust Port legislation.

In his presentation to stakeholders Geoff Holmes (one of the Lymington Harbour Commissioners) gave considerable insight into the issues and the actions already undertaken and planned by the Harbour Commissioners.

We are delighted to publish Geoff’s presentation us a guest blog. Please click here to read it.

(Work on Habitat Creation in the Solent was described at a talk in the SPS Winter Lecture series in Lymington on the 20th Feb. A report on that meeting can be seen by clicking here)