Cumulative Effects-the questionnaire

For some time the SPS has taken the view that being able to deal with multiple projects is central to the objective of Marine Planning as developed by MM0 under the Marine and Coastal Access Act. This includes the ability to assess the ‘Cumulative Effects’ of projects on the environment. We first identified this as a significant Current Issue early last year.

MMO endeavoured to explain the complexity of marine planning in this video (though it does not really propose solutions)

Since publishing our Cumulative Effects Current Issues page on the website,we have continuously pressed for more detailed consideration of the issues. We were not alone.

Recently MM0 have indicated their wish to consult and issued an options report. They then asked those interested to respond to a structured questionnaire. We have always regarded the Solent as an unusually complex case, so we structured our response on some recent Solent project history, as shown below.


The tiers referred to are those suggested by Natural England following a proposal by ABP Mer

Our response to the questionnaire can be seen by clicking here