Solfire emergency plan test on Thursday

Even the best laid plans can go wrong so it is vital that they are tested,

The emergency services in the Solent area have collaborated to produce an emergency response plan to deal with marine accidents that could arise in the port areas of Portsmouth and Southampton. By agreement with HM Coastguard the plan will also extend to cover the West Solent. From time to time the plan, known as Solfire, is tested in a realistic exercise.

The next exercise will take place tomorrow, Thursday 14 November. The scenario is summarised in a Notice to Mariners.

If you are interested in following this exercise, you may be able to listen to some of the action on Ch 12, 14, 16, 67 on VHF. Some of these channels may be available on the Solent Shipping website, which can be reached from our Solent Now page

Those interested in studying the detail of the Solfire plan may do so by clicking here