Will the weather work – Bramblemet still down

Graham Rabbitts, an SPS Council Member, says “Every morning, I go to Solent Now to check on the situation in the Solent – shipping, current weather and forecast.

“Last week, Sotonmet (the weather station at Dock Head in Southampton) began to become erratic, and Bramblemet (The weather station on the radar post in mid Solent) stopped altogether. Initially, I was irritated, and I definitely realised how much I have been using these stations. Then I reflected that this wonderful service is provided free of charge without obligation by the harbour authorities concerned. (Hurst is sponsored by: Hurst Castle Ferries,  Richard Paul Russell Limited and Gill Instruments Limited ).

“So, I say to them all, ‘A big thankyou for providing the service. ABP, please can we have Bramblemet back and Dock Head repaired as soon as possible?‘”