Coastguard NMOC starts to take shape

Although we shall be losing the Coastguard station at Lee on Solent, the new National Marine Operations Centre to be based at Segensworth, near Fareham will offer fully modern facilities with the Solent area as one of its primary functions.

Work has already started on installing, testing and commissioning the new systems on which modern Search and Rescue (SAR) communications depend.

This will be the hub of the national Coastguard system, allocating resources to where they are needed, and coordinating the new helicopter service, and all the voluntary organisations that contribute to our SAR services. The changes needed to bring this about are reviewed in our Coastguard Reorganization Issues page.

The picture below is taken from the new meeting and observation gallery, overlooking the main operational area of NMOC. In the event of a major incident (such as when the Napoli went aground in Lyme Bay, this is probably where SOSREP  will establish a command centre. In such situations SOSREP acquires the full powers of the Secretary of State to direct emergency resources.


NMOC Control Room, Segensworth
NMOC Control room, seen from viewing gallery meeting room

Direct coastal services will be maintained by shore teams at Hillhead and other locations, supported by the National Coastwatch Institute volunteers.