Solent Protection Society presents Conservation Award

The Solent Protection Society, which aims to protect the environment of the Solent for future generations, has presented a Conservation Award to the East Coastal Issues Advisory Group (EHCIAG).

EHCIAG is made up of nine organisations with a common interest in developing a long term strategy for East Head in order to preserve the environmental, navigational, amenity and economic value of this famous landmark feature to the community.

EHCIAG worked in partnership to develop the strategy based on a policy of adapting and responding to changes in the morphology of East Head with a range of beach management measures to preserve these values.

Representatives of EHCIAG were presented with the Conservation Award at the Itchenor Sailing Club by Jeremy Clark, Chairman of Solent Protection Society.

Mr John Davis, Manager and Harbour Master of Chichester Conservancy, accepted the Award on behalf of EHCIAG, thanking Solent Protection Society for their support and donations towards the project.

Forty members of the Solent Protection Society were there to witness the presentation. The group also enjoyed a conducted tour of Chichester Harbour aboard Solar Heritage, a solar powered catamaran, to discover more about this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, its environment and wildlife.