New Ferries River Trials Information Update to Stakeholders – No. 5

Posted on 11 Mar 2009

There have been a number of developments since 24 February. The Harbour Commissioners have renewed their request to Wightlink to refrain from operating the new ferries until the environmental concerns have been resolved. Whilst they have ignored this request, Wightlink have confirmed that they are operating within the requirements for safe operation that LHC have laid down following the latest recommendations of our risk assessment consultants BMT Seatech. Our own observations confirm that this is the case.

The draft Phase 2 report from BMT Seatech has been distributed to the stake holders for consultation. This will be followed at the end of this week by an addendum to include the results of the final strong wind trials that were carried out last Tuesday (3/3/09).

The aim is to complete the consultation process and publish the report by the end of April.

At the beginning of this process the Commissioners were clear that once we had definitive advice that we may need powers to regulate for environmental concerns, we would take the necessary steps to acquire them. Now that we have received Natural England’s advice, the Commissioners have resolved to seek a Harbour Revision Order that will enable us to make general directions with regard to environmental matters both in response to this current advice and any future situations that may demand such action.

Peter Griffiths – Chairman LHC