Council Report Form

Use the following form to submit a report to the Council

Please first select the area to which the report applies, your name and the date of the report, then enter the text of your report into the free text space. A second free text entry field is given into which you can paste URLs of websites and social media pages which you may wish to add in support of your report.

If it’s easier to submit your form as an attached document, please go directly to this point below the form.

When complete, press the ‘Submit report’ button at the foot of the form.

Please enter your report into the box below, either by typing directly into the box or by copying (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) from another source and pasting (Ctrl-V) into the box. Please ensure you include website URLs in this text wherever appropriate.

As the box fills, a scroll bar will appear to enable you to continue typing.

When you’ve completed your entry, please press the ‘Submit Report’ button below and your report will be consolidated and sent to a central email address.


If you want to send a file relating to your report or simply want to submit your report as a document, please click here to open a pre-addressed email, attach the file as normal, then write a brief description in the text of the email.