MMO Public Register Guidance

To view the details for any of these applications, click this link to launch the MMO Case Management System in a separate tab on your browser.  Please note that you do not need to provide login details, a userid or a password.  Instead, look for and click on the link to ‘search the public register’, circled in red in this image. Screen Shot 09-03-17 at 02.22 PM

This will now display this screen:

Screen Shot 09-03-17 at 01.17 PM

Enter the MMO Case Reference Number into the box circled in red in this image and confirm the entry by pressing the enter key on your keyboard or taking appropriate action on your device. You will now be displayed the current MMO case record for the reference number concerned.

(Note: Due to an issue with the MMO website, cutting and pasting the case number may not be successful.  We would recommend that you re-key the Case Number manually.)