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There are several levels at which you can interact with the Solent Protection Society via this website.

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If you would simply like to receive the occasional email update relating to matters of interest to our members.  These emails will normally only be sent bi-monthly and will contain links to sites of interest and content from the website and we can assure you that your email address will never be shared with third party organisations. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please select the Join the SPS Mailing List option.

Register with the website

If you wish to register as a user of the website, you will be able to log into the website to gain free access to additional data, for example Annual Reports and Newsletters within the ‘Resources’ section of the site.  To register with the website, please select the option to Register with the website.

Become a Member of SPS

We would strongly encourage you to become a member of the Society.  Members will receive invitations to lunchtime talks by a variety of speakers throughout the year. These talks follow on from regular SPS Council Meetings with most of the Council present, giving you the opportunity to meet with us and discuss matters of interest.  In addition, Members will receive an invitation to the Society Annual General Meeting and will have voting rights at that meeting.  Members are also invited to join us on our annual late summer ‘Away Day’ for which a tour, lunch and a speaker  – sometimes afloat, sometimes ashore – is organised.  Members will also receive the Society’s printed newsletters, normally twice a year, and are welcome to submit articles of interest which we may post on the website to invite discussion of local Solent issues .  Membership starts from a modest £20 per annum, with a concessionary rate of £5 for young persons under 25.  To find out more about Membership, please take the Become a Member of SPS option on this page.

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To log in as an existing subscriber, select the Login to the SPS Website to enter your login ID and password.