Are you in more  than one of the following categories? If so, we may be able to help you

Where you live

  • On the Isle of Wight
  • On the Solent Shoreline
  • In the New Forest
  • In an adjacent  county
  • Many miles away – with a second home in the area
  • Many miles away – using the Solent for leisure
  • Many miles away – having connections with the Solent

What you do for a living

  • Work in the maritime sector
  • Boating or Fishing
  • Professional environmentalist
  • A regulator or local government official
  • Nothing to do with Solent (incl retired)

Why you value the Solent

  • Pays the bills (incl commercial fishing)
  • Seascape
  • Serious environmental interest
  • Historic or archaeological interest
  • Academic resource
  • World famous yachting area
  • Somewhere to enjoy a leisure interest
  • Just enjoy the ambience


  • RYA/ Yacht Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Environmental Body (e.g. WWF, FoE, HIWT, RSPB etc)
  • Single issue lobby group (e.g. LRA)
  • other national or international bodies
  • local community groups

Knowledge/Professional skill

  • Employed in environmental management
  • Legal skills
  • Practical experience of marine environment
  • Concerned and knowledgeable (e.g. activist with environmental body)
  • Concerned but lacking knowledge

Corporate Members

These mainly comprise companies or yacht clubs.

  • The Solent is important to their business
  • They  wish to support local charities
  • They wish to protect the environment in which they operate