Sewage Discharges – New private members bill

Solent Protection Society were pleased to see the subject of Sewage Discharges being brought up in Parliament, yet again, this time in the form of a Private Members Bill given its first reading by Tim Farron MP on April 26th.

The Bill seeks “to provide for mandatory targets and timescales for the ending of sewage discharges into waterways and coastal areas; to make provision about the powers of Ofwat to monitor and enforce compliance with those targets and timescales; to require water companies to publish quarterly reports on the impact of sewage discharges on the natural environment, animal welfare and human health; to require the membership of water company boards to include at least one representative of an environmental group; and for connected purposes.”

“It is true that our sewerage systems are shamelessly out of date, but the water companies responsible for improving them have little impetus to do so because the Government are barely holding them to account. The British public pay these companies to not just provide us with clean water, but ensure safe and clean processes for waste water and sewage. Too often, it feels as though the companies forget about half of that bargain, and this Government let them.”

Tim Farron MP – Sewage DIscharges – Private Members Bill

To read the full text, click the image below:

The bill is due to receive its Second Reading on Friday 6th May and we will be keeping an eye on its progress.

While the bill is unlikely to make it into legislation, it is encouraging to see that there are members of the House who clearly share our level of frustration with the rate of progress of legislation regarding sewage discharges.