Southern Water – The worst performing water company in the UK

The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for the water industry in England, tasked with oversight of the nine water and sewerage companies that operate in England.

On Friday October 2, 2020, the Environment Agency published their long awaited ‘Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA) results 2019 for water and sewerage companies’ document and we are deeply concerned to see another decline in the performance of Southern Water. This private utility company is accountable for waste water discharge into the Solent and on the strength of this report, now has the unenviable position as the worst performing water company in the United Kingdom.

Click on the chart if you want to zoom in on the detail of why Southern Water has just been revealed as the poorest performing water company in the country.

The SPS Council has set up a working group to analyse the detail in the data now publicly available and will report our findings in due course.