SPS Monthly Speakers

Following each monthly Solent Protection Society Council meeting and starting at 12:00 noon, there will usually be a talk given to the Council on a topic which may prove to be of general interest to our members.

DateSpeaker and topic
4th FebruaryNaomi Ewald – Director of Research and Development
“An update on the work of the Freshwater Habitat Trust.”
3rd MarchJacob Keen-Hammerson
“An update on the work of the Blue Marine Foundation.”
Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. Globally, an estimated 85% of oyster beds and oyster reef habitats have been lost, making them among the most imperilled marine habitats in the world. BLUE is creating a model for restoration of this key habitat by relaying millions of oysters into the Solent, in cages hung in the water beneath pontoons, facilitating the release of millions of larvae. The cages have been shown to provide a refuge for other marine life, with 97 different species having been found living within the cages so far, including critically endangered European eels, juvenile spiny seahorse and sea bass.
7th April(Date reserved for SPS Council Management Meeting)
5th MayProfessor John Williams School of Civil Engineering, Portsmouth University.
“My research mainly focuses on water quality in wastewater treatment and sustainable drainage, although I have also worked on a number of projects concerned with sustainability appraisal. My main focus has been on low impact technologies, particularly those based on natural processes and wetland plants. Ongoing projects include:
– Wastewater treatment technologies for small sites
– Use of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and runoff management
– Fate of micro-plastics in wastewater treatment and drainage systems
– Remediation of polluted sediments
– Removal of pesticides from runoff in Thailand”
2nd JunePeter Barfield Reader in Marine Zoology School of Biological Sciences Portsmouth University
July 7th Ryan Willergers of Lymington Harbour Commissioners and Colin Scott APBmer
“Marsh erosion and wider opportunities for beneficial use of sediments in the Solent, with particular focus on the protection of the harbour.”
September 1st(Speaker to be confirmed)
October 6th (Speaker to be confirmed)
November 3rd(Date reserved for SPS Council Management Meeting)

If members would like to join us, please confirm your attendance by email to the Society secretary by clicking this link.

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The location for each of these talks will be the Holiday Inn, Herbert Walker Avenue, Southampton. Please click on the map below for directions.