Portsmouth Cathedral – ‘Soup of Souls’ art installation

For those with an interest in the maritime history of Portsmouth and the Solent, the current exhibition in Portsmouth’s ‘Cathedral of the Sea’ is well worth a visit. Described by one of our Council members as ‘without doubt, the most moving art installation’ he has ever seen, the work by Pete Codling, artist in residence at Portsmouth Cathedral, is remarkable. Eight massive charcoal drawings hang in the nave, each of the eight panels addressing a separate point in local maritime history. The panels cover loss of life in local waters from the sinking of the Mary Rose to the loss of the SS Mendi and more recently the loss of the crew of the Wilhemina J.

Please take this link to view a fifteen minute documentary film in which the artist describes the work and shows details from it. We understand that the exhibition is being retained in situ until June given overwhelming public response.