Solent Protection Society’s 60th Annual General Meeting

Held at the Holiday Inn, Southampton on 11 December 2018. The following is a brief summary of the proceedings at the meeting.

The Chairman, David Sizer, welcomed members and reported that the President, Lord Montagu, who apologised for his absence, had stressed that he was keen to find ways of increasing awareness of the Society, especially among mooring holders and visitors to the Beaulieu river.

The Treasurer, Poh Chye Lim, presented his report and receipts and payments account for the year ended 30 June 2018. The excess of payments over receipts for the year of £3387 did not take account of refunds of tax after the year end. Additional costs were incurred including those in respect of a new computer, software and the website. A further grant was made to Peter Barfield in support of his research project. Total assets of the Society were just over £120000 at the year end.

Lord Montagu, Nicholas de Rothschild and Peter Nicholson were re-elected as President and Vice-Presidents respectively.

Council members, Sarah Fremantle, Bill Pimlott, Poh Chye Lim and Peter Henderson were re-elected and Bobby Payne (former Secretary of the Society) was elected to the Council.

The Chairman’s report had been circulated to members with the other AGM papers:

  • The Society has had had a happy and successful year with a change of emphasis to its activities in that more time had been spent on consulting with quasi government and other similar organisations. Council members were thanked for their time spent on these matters.
  • There had been a fall in membership but a number of efforts were being made to endeavour to halt this trend.
  • As regards developments, focus was on Southampton Water West with Fawley Power Station and ABP’s proposals for Marchwood and Dibden of particular interest to the Society together with New Forest District Council proposals for new houses in the National Park.

There was no other business, the Chairman thanked members for their attendance and the meeting was closed.