Marine Licensing Application update – July 2017

This month in the Solent area there are no applications open for consultation, 10 other applications and one wildlife application.

Applications open for Consultation

MLA/2017/00148 Renewal of Groynes adjacent to Sunderland Hanger at Calshot Activities Centre
MLA/2017/00154 Pier extension to existing structure in Alum Bay, Isle of Wight
MLA/2017/00170 Portsmouth Harbour Entrance range reinstatement and maintenance
MLA/2017/00198 Gosport Marina Pile Replacement Programme

Applications not open for Consultation


For further details of any case, take a note of the Case Number and look it up by following the ‘public register’ link on the MMO Case Management Site.

(If you need assistance with this, please refer to the notes on our Marine Licensing home page)