Solent Marine Licensing update – June 2017

This month in the Solent area there are two applications open for consultation and 7 other applications.

Applications open for Consultation

MLA/2017/00152 Pontoon Reconfiguration and Piling, Hamble Point Marina, Hamble
MLA/2017/00161 Hamble Point Marina Hoist Dock

Applications not open for Consultation

MLA/2017/00122 Repair of Jetty and Sea wall defences , Hayling
ENQ/2017/00086 Sparkes Marina Maintenance Dredging
EXE/2017/00097 MYC Dredge
EXE/2017/00109 Collection of mud as part of intertidal habitat enhancment works
EXE/2017/00127 Lobster Quay, dinghy pontoon. Replacement two severely corroded steel piles holding the outer end of the pontoons, with Green Heart timber piles. Maintenance works out of the fairway taking 2 or 3 days from 10th May
EXE/2017/00128 Scientific surveys at Tipner for Portsmouth City Deal
EXE/2017/00140 Fawley Marine Terminal (FMT) Dredge Survey (Year 2)

For further details of any case, take a note of the Case Number and look it up by following the ‘public register’ link on the MMO Case Management Site.

(If you need assistance with this, please refer to the notes on our Marine Licensing home page)