MCZs – Tranche 2

MCZs: Defra consultation on the second tranche.

The Solent Protection Society welcomes the Marine Conservation Zone initiative and considers that MCZs will greatly benefit the environs and ecology of the Solent, provided that designation and enforcement are based on sound science and wise management.

On Friday 30th January, Defra announced the consultation on the second tranche of MCZs which includes the Needles recommended MCZ. The three other Solent rMCZs – Bembridge, Norris to Ryde, and Cowes to Yarmouth – are likely to be consulted on for designation in the third tranche.

The Consultation document for the second (2015) tranche can be found at this link to the Defra website and is to be completed and submitted on the internet.

Regarding Bembridge, Norris to Ryde and Cowes to Yarmouth rMCZs, Defra has concluded that further engagement with key stakeholders was required in order to quantify the social and economic effects of designation. Details of the Needles rMCZ and of the various issues requiring clarification in the other MCZs can be found on the website mentioned above – scroll down the page below the link to the start of the consultation and you will find a list. Click on the appropriate MCZ of your choice.

The Solent Protection Society continues to work with Defra to achieve a balance between the benefits of marine conservation in our pressurised and highly populated Solent waters and a conservation management regime which is acceptable to those engaged in both business and leisure activities in these waters.