MCZ developments in the Solent

Four Solent MCZ being considered for designation by 2015.

On 24th February 2014, Defra announced that four Solent rMCZs are being considered for designation by the end of 2015.   Further scientific research and assessment is being carried out. The research will underpin future management measures which will be specific to each MCZ.   SPS will be keeping a careful eye to ensure that the management measures are appropriate to the site, taking into account both conservation of species and the social and economic health of the area.  SPS will also monitor the extent and appropriateness of any enforcement measures which might be introduced.

The four Solent rMCZs to be considered in this second tranche of the MCZ designation programme are Bembridge, Norris to Ryde, Yarmouth to Cowes, and the Needles.

For background information about Marine Conservation Zones follow the following link:

For more technical information regarding the Solent rMCZs, the Natural England “Balanced Seas” reports can be found on the following link:-