Cowes General Directions and Harbour Byelaws 2014

Not that anyone would ever argue with it, but the chain ferry has now been given formal right of way in the new General Directions for Cowes Harbour.  as explained in the forward:-

“One of the major changes will be the introduction of General Direction No. 6. Cowes Chain Ferry. This General Direction governs the navigation of the Chain Ferry and includes giving the Chain Ferry right of way over most vessels.

“There are downloadable  PDF’s of the full set of 2014 General Directions, with the changes from the April 2013 issue highlighted in yellow and also a clean full set of General Direction . This set also includes General Directions Nos. 3.17 and 10.1 which relate to the construction of the new detached breakwater.”

Note also that there is a requirement for a sailing boat fited with an engine to have it running and ready for use in the Inner Harbour area.