DEFRA and MMO Marine Fisheries newsletter – Autumn 2013.

Fisheries Focus – Autumn 2013

The DEFRA and MMO Marine Fisheries newsletter – Autumn 2013.

The following summary comments were prepared by Bob Stevenson, a member of the SPS Council

Sea Angling 2012 Project.

This is the largest assessment yet of catch levels and the economic and social values of recreational sea angling. Information has been collected from the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, the MMO and Individual Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities. The report which is be published at the end of November will be found:

see also Fisheries evidence to shape marine planning:

see also Commercial fishing statistics:


Triennial Review of the MMO.

September saw the launch of the Triennial Review of the MMO (set up in 2010). This review examines the MMO ‘s functions, its governance arrangements and whether other delivery models would be more appropriate. Does the MMO offer value for money and is it fit for purpose?

Conclusions will be announced in early 2014.


MCZ designations awaited “soon”.


Micro-plastics in the English Channel

DEFRA, with neighbouring European and local authorities, is funding research to assess the risks and effects of micro-plastics in the English Channel.


Common Fisheries Policy

The new Common Fisheries Policy regulation is close to being ratified by the European Union in time for 2014. On 30th October the European Commission released proposals for 2014 Total Allowable Catches and quotas for those stocks in EU waters and for EU vessels in certain non-EU waters.


Bob Stevenson.