Medmerry Flooding Starts

The Medmerry managed realignment scheme, one of the largest ever attempted in the UK is just about complete. Flooding started on the 11th September when the sea wall was deliberately breached to create a huge new area of wetland. The process of opening the area to the sea can be monitored by looking at two webcams (click here)

Although just outside the Solent, this project has profound implications for the Solent  in terms of

  • flood defence
  • providing potential compensation for Solent projects (habitat banking)
  • provision of new wetland habitat

You can read more about the development scale and delivery of this exciting project here

Habitat creation is important to the Solent, especially near Lymington. Whether we can deliver genuine habitat is the subject of a conference being run in London  on 20th November by ABP Mer for which Solent Protection Society is one of the sponsors. We are also hoping for a report back on that conference, with special emphasis on the habitat creation trials at  one of our Winter Lectures to be held in Lymington in February.

If necessary, Solent Protection Society will organise a conference on this subject as a follow up to the successful event we ran on the subject about 5 years ago.