Pertinent questions of the Coastguard

“Will I continue to call Solent Coastguard on channel 67?”

If you use the call sign “Solent Coastguard” you will be answered.

“What will be the timing and content of VHF weather forecasts?”

There should be no change.  However the confusion which sometimes arises when both Portland and Lee on Solent are listing the various channels that could be used should disappear.

“What will be the role of the shore stations such as Hill Head and Selsey?”

The role of the Rescue Stations at Hill Head and Selsey will remain unchanged. The Hill Head station will be relocated to a new building on the Daedalus site.

“Will Coastguard continue to accept passage reports?  Will there be any changes in the action taken on the basis of passage reports?”

Coastguard will continue to accept passage reports and there will be no change in the action taken.  If a vessel fails to report arrival at its destination, search procedures will only be initiated in response to a shore based query, exactly as now.  (Experiments with taking action when a vessel has failed to report arrival led to a great deal of unnecessary waste of time as in many cases the vessel had simply and diverted to a different destination, or cancelled the passage without bothering to inform Coastguard.)

“Will there be any changes to the relationship between coastguard and the major emergency plans such as the Solfire plan operated in the Solent?”

There should be no change.  However the greater flexibility of the new system should make exercising such plans easier.

“Will Coastguard make greater use of the emerging NCI (National Coastwatch Institute) organisation?”

NCI will continue to provide its “spot, plot and report service” to HM Coastguard and provide additional information as requested by Coastguard.

“When Lee on Solent closes, where will I be able to dispose of all flares?”

This has not yet been determined but a facility is likely to be retained at Daedalus..