Coastal activities of the Coastguard

Coastal Activities

There will be no downsizing of the 356 Coastguard Rescue Teams around the UK coast as a result of the current reorganisation programme.  In the Solent the teams based at Hillhead, Selsey, Hayling, Portsmouth, Lymington, Southampton, Bembridge Newport, Ventnor, Ryde and Needles will continue to provide the same coastal search, rope, mud and shallow water rescue response as they do now. However, such is the value and importance of these front-line SAR assets that as part of the modernisation programme, the number of full time Coastguard Officers responsible for the leadership, management and training of all teams in the UK is being increased by 50%. Again, as part of the modernisation programme, for coastal operations, the coast is being divided into 18 Areas in which a full time Coastguard Area Commander supported by 4 or 5 Senior Coastal Operations Officers will be responsible for 20 or so volunteer Coastguard Rescue Teams containing 200 or more volunteers.

The present Training Centre at Highcliffe is planned to close and maritime operations training will re-locate to the NMOC and coastal operations training eg rope rescue, etc will re-locate to a new, purpose built training centre at Daedalus. This new build will also contain a new Rescue Station for the Hill Head Coastguard Rescue Team.