Coastal Habitat Creation – Are We Delivering?

Solent Protection Society is one of the co-sponsors of this important conference being organised by ABP Mer on 20 November 2013, at One Great George Street, Westminster. The other sponsors are HR Wallingford and RSPB.

This conference will focus on the biggest challenges being faced by those working on coastal habitat creation projects across the UK and Europe, namely: – How schemes are designed to meet the requirements of national and EC legislation, especially the Birds, Habitats and Water Framework Directives, – How the newly created habitats, and the species they support, are monitored and assessed against their targets and then integrated into the Natura 2000 network, where appropriate.

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Background The challenges of designing and monitoring new coastal habitats are greatly influenced by the fact that these new environments continue to mature, accrete and change from the moment of their creation.  This means that they don’t really achieve a distinct ‘final’ ecological state and so, for example, it is difficult to create sustainable mudflat or to judge objectively when a saltmarsh has reached an ecological/functional value that is equivalent to habitats which have been lost elsewhere.  This raises questions about what can and can’t be achieved (and over what timeframes) in terms of habitat creation when set against a project’s objectives.

Aim The purpose of this event is to bring together regulators, practitioners and developers to talk about how coastal habitat creation schemes are performing against their objectives, especially the requirements of the Habitats Regulations, with a view to moving towards agreeing what delivery means.

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