A New Vision for SPS.

Posted on 09 Mar 2013

A New Vision for SPS.

Solent Protection Society is embarking on a major programme designed to give all those who care about the Solent the chance to make a difference.

The Solent is under huge pressure from shipping, leisure and development along the shoreline, or at locations inland that are visible from the sea. We want you to have your say, whether it relates to the renovation of an ancient pond, the construction of a new port facility, or the development of alternative energy such as wind farms or biomass plants.

We can Help!

As a registered not-for-profit charity, we can help you have your say effectively by providing

  • Access to officials, NGOs, Corporates and government
  • Analysis of the issues
  • Explanation of the law
  • Promotion of informed debate
  • Grant aid for worthy projects
  • Solidarity of representation
  • Warm glow of having tried to do something

Over the next few months, we will be upgrading our website so that it is topical and, we hope, provocative, with clear mechanisms for you to have your say.

Tell us what concerns you about the developing situation on the Solent. In the short term, you can comment on items on our Facebook page, but within months we will be formalising surveys of opinion on our website to make your comment more authoritative.

Please help us to make sense of the incredible diversity of expectations we all have. Do you recognise yourself in one of these categories?

  • A local resident on the Isle of Wight or the mainland concerned about the view across the Solent
  • Someone who lives away from the area but is concerned about marina charges and capacity; or environmental protection
  • An environmentalist concerned about habitat loss and proper protection of species
  • Someone who earns their living from the Solent and is concerned that environmental protection or congestion threaten that livelihood
  • Someone who uses the shoreline for leisure such as swimming or walking concerned about pollution
  • A local government officer or employee exasperated by the mass of new legislation and how to implement it in an austerity climate
  • A yachtsman concerned about loss of harbours and possible environmental restrictions on anchoring

And there are many more. We need to know the issues that you care about. Together we can make a difference. You can contact us by using the comment form on our website.