SPS Response to Planning Application to Recharge Boiler Marsh

Posted on 11 Jan 2011

The Solent Protection Society wishes to object to this application

The Solent Protection Society strongly supports the principle of the beneficial use of material dredged from the Lymington River to restore or improve salt marshes in the vicinity of Lymington so offsetting the effect of natural process which are damaging these areas

We wish to object on the basis of deficiencies in the Environmental Statement, which forms part of this application.

Firstly we can find insufficient evidence to explain why Boiler Marsh has been chosen, or that others have been considered. This information would enable interested parties to understand why Boiler Marsh is considered the best site for beneficial use of dredging, and offers the greatest chance of early success

Secondly we consider that there is inadequate evidence in the Environmental Statement on the effects of the propulsion system of the ferries and the effect on the river channel. In view of this omission we consider that Natural England have not shown that that the suggested recharge of 2000 Cu Metre Is appropriate

This particular scheme is unusual in that Wightlink will have an on ongoing obligation to the recharge of Boiler Marsh.  It is the nature of any such scheme that being subject to natural forces, it is in part, experimental.  The initial recharge and any subsequent recharges will add to sum of knowledge on this subject and hence be beneficial to future schemes in the Solent. We therefore welcome the principle of the proposal.