Press Release: SPS Fears For Yarmouth Harbour’s Unique Charm

Posted on 29 Jan 2010

The Solent Protection Society has responded to the Yarmouth Harbour Board’s request for feedback on their Inner Harbour Reconfiguration proposals.

The mission of the Solent Protection Society is to ensure the ecological and environmental well-being and wise management of the Solent area, its natural beauty and amenities, so that these may continue to be enjoyed by present and future generations.

The Society considers that the proposals for reconfiguration of the inner harbour at Yarmouth, as currently formulated, do not reflect the objectives of the mission statement in many respects.  The Society is concerned to ensure that all the proper procedures related to the environmental matters are being or will be carried out.  There is also concern that some of the operational aspects of the new proposal will lead to a significant loss of amenity, both with respect to the general appearance of the Harbour, and to its wide availability for enjoyment by present and future generations.

Solent Protection Society’s response to the Yarmouth Harbour Board gives the Society’s view on the impact of designations, including Habitats Regulations; flood defence; aesthetics; capacity for yacht moorings; safety and alternatives to the proposals.