AGM 26th October 2009 at 12 Noon

Posted on 23 Sep 2009


To be held at The Royal Southampton Yacht Club, Ocean Village, Southampton


1. To confirm the MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held on 1st December 2008

2. To consider and, if approved, adopt the ANNUAL REPORT AND STATEMENT for the year ended 30th June 2009

3. To ELECT A PRESIDENT – your Council’s nomination if Mr. Peter Nicholson

4. To ELECT VICE-PRESIDENTS – Vice-Presidents overleaf are eligible

5. To ELECT MEMBERS TO COUNCIL            (a) There are currently 24 members of the Council; however, Mr John Bradshaw and Mr. Martin Rhodes have indicated that they wish to retire from the Council and, therefore at the time of going to press there are 3  vacancies.   Nominations shall reach the Secretary not later than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.   Each nomination shall be in writing and shall include the name, style and address of the candidate nominated together with a statement signed by him or her that he or she is willing to serve if elected, and each such nomination shall be signed by the member nominating and by the member seconding the candidate.              (b) In accordance with the Rules, one third of the Council shall retire each year and being eligible shall be re-elected at each Annual General Meeting. The 7 members eligible  for re-election are  Mr. Clark, Mr. Davys, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Hobson, Mr. Marris and Mr. Power and Mr. Rabbitts.   Professor Forster, Mr. Biddle and Mrs. Fremantle who were co-opted to the Council during the year are also eligible for re-election.


7. To ELECT AUDITORS for 2009/20010.   Proposed Hope Jones

8. To hear the reports of the PRESIDENT and CHAIRMAN on the activities of the Society

9. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Members of the Society wishing to propose Resolutions for consideration at the meeting must ensure that they reach the Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM and are signed by the member proposing the Resolution and by supporting members, if any.

Following formal business, members of the Society are invited to discuss matters relevant to the present and future of the Society