Summary of Wightlink Presentation

Posted on 23 Apr 2008

  • Two new Wight Class (W.Class) ferries launched, now in process of final fit-out and due for delivery by end-June 2008.
  • Third new W.Class ferry under construction and due for delivery by end-2008.
  • Shore works in Yarmouth in progress and will be completed by mid to end-May 2008.
  • Appropriate Assessment of environmental impact of W.Class ferries in process of finalisation to enable DEFRA to issue licences for shore works in Lymington to commence.
  • Since end-October 2007, additional tank-testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling studies have been undertaken to assess relative impact of W.Class ferries as against that of old C.Class ferries in shallow water. No significant difference observed/predicted between two classes of vessels at operational speeds of up to 6 knots.
  • CFD modelling of water flows from the operation of the Voith propeller units on the W.Class ferries demonstrates very similar water velocities to the units on the C.Class ferries. With the propeller units being mounted on the centre-line of the hull of the W.Class ferries, as opposed to being off-set on the C.Class ferries, the water velocity at the extremity of the W.Class ferry will be less than for the C.Class ferry.
  • Recommendations arising from BMT SeaTech’s Risk Analysis are accepted by Wightlink as practicable mitigations against any possible associated risks of operation of the W.Class ferries.
  • Studies/research undertaken for the purpose of the Appropriate Assessment indicate that the W.Class ferries should have no greater impact on the environment than the old C.Class ferries and many aspects of the design and proposed operation of the W.Class ferries should be advantageous.
  • Wightlink is keen and willing to explore all possible means for mitigating any prospective adverse impact on the environment through the careful operation of the W.Class ferries in service on the route.