West Solent

Posted on 01 Apr 2008

It had been hoped to publish a final condensed version of this paper in the spring newsletter. However, in view of the publication by the government of The Marine Bill in the first week of April, it has been decided to defer this action until the working party has had a chance to study the 600-700 pages of the Bill, which will be relevant to the management proposals from SPS. Initially The Society was proposing a Marine National Park but in view of general adverse reaction to this idea it has changed its concept to that of a modified version of a marine conservation area.

Undoubtedly The Marine Bill is a very important and overdue milestone for the British marine environment, particularly the Solent waters. It deserves careful study prior to the drafting of The Society’s official response, which has to be submitted by June 26th. Anyone wishing to read The Marine Bill can find it online at: www.gov.uk/marine/legislation.

Chris Willard