Hurst View Caravan Park Planning Enforcement Appeal

Posted on 01 Oct 2007

The Appeal against The Planning Enforcement Notice concerning land adjacent to Hurst View Caravan Park, Lower Pennington, Lymington, was heard on July 3rd, 4th and 5th in Lymington Town Hall.

The result of the Hearing from The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol was to uphold the Notice and dismiss the Appeal subject to certain corrections and variations:

These were:

  • A children’s play area with goal posts was accepted as part of the private garden area of the owner and not part of the site.
  • The Southern extension of The Caravan Park reflected a change of use which was accepted, as it had been commenced over 10 years before The Notice Order was imposed. However the Planning Enforcement against recent breaches in planning regulations of this area was upheld with requirements to remove the illegal alterations.

Solent Protection Society had written a letter in support of the Enforcement Notice and a member of Council attended the first day of the Hearing.

The overall result of the Hearing has been dismissal of the Appeal which should serve to prevent any further extension of the Caravan Site towards the National Park Boundary and the Pennington Marshes Nature Reserve.

Chris Willard