Southampton Lasers

Posted on 04 Apr 2007

Members may have read of Southampton City Council’s intention to install four lasers in the clock tower in Southampton, to start beaming in April this year on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The cost would be around £200,000 to construct and a further £10,000 per year to run for five years. Initial funding would be from the South East Development Agency and the running costs from the City Council, both of which are publicly financed. The beams would reach up to fifteen miles.

Currently these plans are being evaluated under habitat regulations and in consultation with Natural England about the effects on Special Protection and Conservation Areas.

The SPS Council, having discussed this project, decided to object it on the grounds of:-

  • Environmental harm to the region, particularly the New Forest National Park, through Light Pollution
  • Energy wastage in these times of global warming
  • Contradiction of Planning Policy
  • Unnecessary public cost

We are awaiting the final decision.

Report by Dr Chris Willard