Part of Solent Protection Society’s activities this year has been to investigate the efficiency of coastal Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTWs). Our research revealed that the increased level of nitrates in Solent waters is, in part, caused by the discharge of effluent from WWTWs. Although clearly much improvement is required to waste water treatment, a … Continue reading Biogas

Protesters line shoreline in Portsmouth to oppose Aquind cable plans

Story from the Portsmouth News, October 10th 2020 More than 150 people have lined the shoreline in Portsmouth to show plans for a massive electricity infrastructure project in the area will be met with stiff resistance. Aquind aims that undersea cables will run ashore in Eastney as part of a £1.2bn project connecting the electricity … Continue reading Protesters line shoreline in Portsmouth to oppose Aquind cable plans

Proposed Biodigester on Southampton Water

The Solent Protection Society is concerned about the possible siting of a biodigester at Cork's Farm, located adjacent to the shoreline of Southampton Water, and has written the following letter to the Agents responsible:  SPS_Cork's_Farm A response has been received which can be read on the following link Response-Re-Corks-Farm

ITER fusion dream

Nuclear fusion has been a dream for decades. It  reproduces the nuclear processes that power the Sun, and offers the prospect of limitless electricity without generating nuclear waste. But it is still decades away. The tantalising prospect could mean that we only need to bridge from now till fusion is a commercial reality. But can … Continue reading ITER fusion dream

Fracking FAQ

DECC have published a report about fracking. The report certainly covers a huge amount of ground and explains the official approach to this controversial subject. At SPS we do not have an opinion for or against fracking, but we do support a search for responsible answers to the many questions. This report is a useful … Continue reading Fracking FAQ

Whither Fawley?

Fawley Power Station Have you wondered what will happen to that magnificent 198 metre stack that is the chimney for Fawley Power Station, now that the station has ceased operation? The stack has become a Solent landmark, and navigational mark for ships and aircraft. RWE npower, the owners of Fawley, held a Community Event on … Continue reading Whither Fawley?