January 2019

Welcome to the new Solent Protection Society website.  At the end of a year which saw the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our attention has turned to our digital presence, starting with a refresh of the website.

The previous website had been long overdue for a refresh. The enthusiasm and energy which drove the project to create it six years ago was not, to be honest, matched by our ability to keep it current and while there has been much intellectual property written by various members of the Council over the intervening period, it has been increasingly difficult to publish it within the current site structure.  The site also lacked the flexibility we need to adapt to changing technology trends. With well over fifty per cent of all website access now made using mobile devices, a site designed primarily for a desktop PC no longer serves the needs of the younger members we need to attract.

By developing the site in-house, the cost of the transition is small and more importantly, the annual running cost will be greatly reduced.  The new site will be simpler to navigate and will enable historical content to be much more readily searched and viewed. More importantly, it will enable Council members to more easily share the task of updating the content, including the gradual addition of historical documents and data assets from our archives.

In other news: