Solent Protection Society – Members’ webinar evenings

We are arranging an autumn series of evening webinars for Solent Protection Society members and friends, to take place once per month via Zoom. To register for one of these sessions, please complete the brief details on the form at the foot of this page.

  1. Monday 12th September, 19:30 – Professor John Williams
  2. Monday 7th November, 19:30 – Mr Aldred Drummond
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Monday 12th September, 19:30 – Professor John Williams

John Williams is Professor of Environmental Technology and research lead for the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying at the University of Portsmouth

He is Director of the Environmental Technology Field Station, a unique facility based at Petersfield wastewater treatment works.  This facility has laboratories and test beds which allow work on pilot scale treatment systems using real sewage.  It is the base for a major collaboration with Southern Water to create an Innovation Hub for addressing the problems facing small sewage treatment sites. 

His work is mainly concerned with water quality improvements in wastewater and sustainable drainage (SuDS).  Currently, in collaboration with Southern Water, looking at ways to remove phosphorous from sewage that avoids the need for chemical dosing and large-scale infrastructure.  The overall aim of this work is to develop low impact solutions to real world environmental problems.

Monday 7th November, 19:30Mr Aldred Drummond

Mr Drummond is the Chief Executive Officer of Fawley Waterside Limited and is the owner of the neighbouring Cadland Estate.

The Fawley Power Station site was purchased from RWE n-power in 2015 with the ambition to create something quite transformational for the Southern Waterside.

Reconstruction work is now well underway and he and his team are passionate about the long-term prosperity of this Southern part of Southampton Water and conceiving a new settlement that respects the natural beauty and importance of New Forest.

Proposed development at Fawley Waterside

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Please note: These talks are normally only open to members of the Society. If you are not currently a member, but wish to join us, please follow this link first.